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My name is Joël Samuel Kapepula, I am 25 years old and I am the man behind Joël's Table. Cooking has always been a passion of mine and growing up in The Congo I was seldom allowed in the kitchen; but when I got a chance I asked all the questions and learned as much as I could.
At the age of 18 I moved to South Africa, which meant living on my own, so I started a journey of applying everything I had learned, this led to me falling more and more in love with cooking and most importantly the process of planning a meal and making it.

My dream is to one day open a restaurant which is fun, friendly and flavourful. Until then, why don't you join me while I figure things out?

  • Testimonial 1 - Maximum flavor and minimum effort

    Joel’s Table offers a refreshingly simple approach to food preparation for any required event or need preference. It is at the cutting edge of modern life and modern cooking. From appetizers, to the main course and even the desserts, you name it, and Joel can make it happen. I am for one the biggest fan of his mouth watering dessert menu, what I call my comfort food classic. I love his passion for food and his creative edge to exploring new and vibrant recipes, till he finds that one unique yet exquisite taste. I don’t think I’ve ever come across someone with such a heart for people that loves making someone’s day by simply offering something different to the table, that’s tailored to their needs.
    Joel’s Table should be your go-to-place for great food with maximum flavor and minimum effort.

    Genéne Sinden

  • Testimonial 2

    Joel’s table is not just about food, its exactly that, it’s about the table. From the plating, the way each dish is served, to the after taste. It’s an experience. Joel’s food is made out of a place of passion, I think that’s his biggest secret. It’s always a treat seeing him put a dish together, oh and the variety. If it’s just breakfast, a snack or even a 3 course meal, he is faithful to deliver. I’ve tasted many many dishes, but one of my favorites has got to be the Mexican variety that he can whip up, it was a tough choice though, because his waffles are nothing short of amazing - bacon bits inside his waffles!? More please! My favorite thing about Joel’s table though must be Joel himself. A genuine, humble passionate young man with big dreams and ambition. It’s always exciting and uplifting being around him, you are guaranteed to have a good few laughs as well. I am looking forward to seeing how Joel’s table continues to grow in passion and variety.

    Adrian Wilson

  • Testimonial 3

    When asked to write about my experience with Joël's food, I actually couldn't come up with words to describe his food. Whether he's at home, work or with friends his consistency for perfection in his food is what makes people fall in love with his food. His ability to play with flavours and recipes is something you can only experience. Knowing the man behind the food makes his food even more special, understanding his passion to always push the boundaries of what he's capable of into a new and different culinary success. One of my favourite dishes from Joël's table is his breakfast burger. The taste, the combination is just the right amount of meat and just enough rocket or cream cheese makes your start to the morning way better. His gluten-free Belgian waffles, although may seem simple and generic buts its far from it. Balancing a simple dish with simple condiments makes Joël's waffles explosive and straight awesome. I would recommend his food to anyone because Joël's table speaks to both gluten-free and gluten-full people which is what makes his food inclusive to everyone around him. Great Food, Great Chef, Great Friend.

    Josh Govender

  • Testimonial 4

    Joel and I work together in a Digital Agency where we affectionately call him the “Developer Chef”. Every Monday morning we have team breakfast together to kick start our weeks. This event was always low key and scattered with Pick n Pay muffins and quickly bought plates of cold pastries- until Joel took over. Joel has made our team breakfast the envy of Cape Town. Every Monday bright and early, he is at the office with his chef’s apron on, cooking for the team. Every Monday, the smell of chocolate chip waffles and bacon reaches me as I jump out of my car and climb the stairs. Every Monday is delicious. Every Monday is different. Every Monday Joel serves us with a smile on his face because he absolutely loves it. Give him a call and get him on-board. You’ll love him, and his cooking- promise.

    Fran Thring

The Journey

Joël's Table

The journey started when a group of friends came over for breakfast, leaving the cooking up to me. It then became our Saturday ritual.
One day one of my close friend said this could be called "Joël's Table", we all laughed but I knew I liked the idea,so I kept that in mind and I called it just that.

Joël's Pop up Store

Every First Saturday of the Month, Join me at Flat Moutain Coffee Roasters In Woodstock

Every Last Friday of the Month for a Buger Night at Flat Moutain Coffee Roasters In Woodstock

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Joël's Recipe Book

I am compilling a recipe book with everything that I love to make and have made thus far.

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